Christmas highlights

Sharing the holiday with good friends we’ve made over the course of this year;

Attending Christmas Eve church service with Mish and subsequently, witnessing her baptism on Sunday 27 December; both of us were pretty much overwhelmed that day… I have to say it has been such an awesome experience for me to be a part of Mish’s faith journey – you go, girl!

Having Noddy in our family (CS felt that the earlier picture of Noddy was too close-up so here’s Noddy from a different angle!)

Seeing the look on CS’ face when he opened his present from me- a spider catcher! Yes, you read it right. There’s really such a thing, an Australian invention in fact!

Of course, Christmas isn’t what it is without all the festive food. For our Christmas Day breakfast, I prepared prosciutto wrapped baked egg, toasted sourdough bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, roasted tomatoes with basil; avocado salad with bleuberry vinaigrette and choice of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or brewed ice tea…

For our Christmas Day dinner, we decided to try baking our own Christmas ham this year. After scoring the ham with cloves, we basted it with blueberry jam, brown sugar and Dijon mustard sauce, and baked it 2 hours in the oven. I must say it was a commendable effort for a first time attempt. The ham was accompanied by mashed sweet potato, salad and sparkling white shiraz (courtesy of CS’ boss);

And for the first time, we decided to brave it out by going to the Boxing Day sales. The best bargain of the day had to be CS’ purchase of a snorkelling set which was discounted to about $40!


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