what’s going on lately…

  • CS had been enjoying his new job as a ‘house husband’ (his last day of work was 31 Dec); and E is not complaining ‘cos she gets to come home to home-cooked dinners! And washed laundry!
  • E was promoted at work this week; something which came sooner than she expected. Thank God for His favour!
  • Perth has now officially entered into summer as we just had 3 consecutive days of temperatures above 40 degrees! For the first time, we had to sleep with the air-con turned on.
  • This week, CS started a 2 weeks course to explore a new career move. We are pretty excited about the new adventure and trusting God to lead the way.
  • E is very proud of Mish when she was shown her Bible (E’s Christmas gift to her) – ‘midget, you will be very proud of me; look I’ve been reading the Bible everyday and highlighting it!’ In fact, Mish even started another blog to share her faith journey! Check out her beautiful conversion story and see if you can identify E in it.
  • We had been encouraged by the growth and bonding amongst members of the alpha group we’ve been leading in church since Oct’09. Last week, S the youngest member both in terms of age and faith, started sharing without any prompting and with such openness during the session! Then there was N our assistant leader who is also a young Christian and newly wed but ever so willing to learn and grow. It had certainly been a rewarding journey despite our initial misgivings about the cultural differences. Thanks for praying along with us.
  • We had been talking about inviting some of our neighbours over for drinks so we could get to know them better. In fact, that is our goal for the year. Time to stop talking and get moving!

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