(starbucks) love across the miles

Guess what came in the mail for me yesterday? A Starbucks yearly planner! SF, my best friend since secondary school days had sent that to me all the way from Malaysia. Thanks, dear, for thinking of me and making me feel loved. I miss you…

The best thing about the planner is that it’s a ring binder which means it can be re-filled or turned into a journal/album. I also love the fact that it comes with the Starbucks story…

And since it is summer now, I find myself craving for a caramel or Java Chip frap! And yes, those chewy coffee jelly! I was literally drooling over the pages when I was flipping through the planner; CS took pity on me and promised that I could have a Starbucks everyday the next time we are back!

I must say that even though Perth doesn’t have any Starbucks, my craving has been partly satisfied by the occasional Starbucks memorabilia I receive from loving family and friends. Thank you, guys for making it a wee bit easier for me to live in this ‘Starbucks-parched’ land…


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  1. You must be in heaven.

  2. It looks so nice! Can be used to put so many other things 🙂

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