love across the distance…

It is our 9th wedding anniversary today and it is the first time we are apart on this day. Still, we sent each other something to remember this special day. This is what I received from CS: A Precious Moment figurine entitled ‘I Still Do’.

And this is my present to CS – a cross-stitch artwork which took me a week of staying up till 1am so that I could finish it and sent it to him on time! As a result, this week saw me getting tired and sleeping earlier just to catch up on all those lost sleep!

So how did I celebrate our wedding anniversary tonight? Thank God for co-workers turned good friends. We had dinner at one of their homes and looked who popped in for a surprise appearance! One cheeky guy somehow got hold of CS’ picture, laminated it and brought him in when a toast was proposed in honor of our anniversary before dinner started. So yes, we did end up celebrating ‘together’ after all!


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  1. I hope to someday be able to write a post like this..whereby my love is strong, rooted in love for each other and fun. I really REALLY respect your and Ben’s’s something I aspire to.

  2. Hi Sis E and Bro CS!

    it’s always nice to see how much you both love each other. When i saw what Bro CS gave you for your wedding anniversary, i was so touched i wanted to cry. 🙂

    keep being sweet to each other. I’m blessed by it. 🙂

  3. hetalksshetalks

    hi andrea ~ yes, God has indeed been a great matchmaker in our case! well, keep reading the blog and we will keep professing our love for each other on it!

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