remembering Good Friday

We attended Good Friday service in church yesterday where a sister S shared her personal story of how God transformed her wild days of alcohol, drugs and sex to who she is today – a loving wife and mother of a two-year old boy. I had talked to S briefly in church before but hadn’t known this about her past. I was moved to tears because I was reminded of Jesus saying that ‘I’ve come to seek and save the lost..and it is the sick who needs the doctor and not the healthy…’ (paraphrase mine).

After service, over hot cross buns (a Easter tradition here; best eaten toasted and slathered with butter – yum!) and drinks, we caught up with 3 relatively newcomers/believers. One of them, in fact, had just responded to the altar call to receive Christ into his life.

When asked what made him come to church, he replied ‘to have a new start’. Turned out this young man of twenty-two had moved over to Perth with his family from the Eastern state 6 weeks ago. He shared that he too had a story like S. Again, I found myself overwhelmed at what I was hearing and seeing before me – a punk-looking young man with tattoos over his arms now acknowledging his need for God. What an awesome Good Friday! What about you; what is your story this Good Friday?

After church, we hopped over to visit a good friend and her two boys.

And I finally took a self-portrait with two of my favourite things in the house – the mirror and the Eiffel tower poster (a tribute to N’s French heritage)

At night, we went over to Bel and Ivan’s place to work out. Yes, that meant burning calories by playing on the Wii! Here was CS trying to flap his wings as a bird in one of the games – hilarious!


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