weekend: photos + words

This weekend, we are back to our usual routines with our visitors gone. It was good just to chill out at home and spend time with each other. Some random shots around the house:

I really like this chalkboard bird decal bought recently. Since then, we’ve used it to write notes to each other at random times!

What’s on our bedroom wall now. I am in the process of collecting old, vintage alphabets so I can put them up on one of the walls in the foyer. In the meantime, I thought this word was pretty relevant for the bedroom! Do you know why?

The vintagey-looking jar was a thank-you gift from Mike and Fen before they left.Thanks, guys!

What’s on our fridge. The lavender was from Bel’s garden and the worn out love note was something I wrote to CS years ago and he’s kept it since…

What CS picked up from the Berry Farm during our Margaret River roadtrip. I can’t wait for the cold winter nights where this would be so welcoming! I am also thinking of trying a new dessert recipe with it.

The mug was a birthday gift from Mish. Last week was a pretty rough week for me at work. So last Friday after dinner, I made myself a cup of tea in the mug and finally I felt a sense of peace came over me…

Today, we had baptism in the park after church. One of the young adults who was a new believer and started attending our connect group recently was one of them.


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  1. hetalksshetalks

    smarty pants!

  2. seattlepostman

    ur welcome sis e! i love the jar..when we saw it..we knew that was it! 🙂

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