weekend: photos + words

Another weekend had come and gone. Last Saturday, we decided to explore around our neighbourhood. The good thing about where we are living now is that we are only 10 minutes drive away from ‘Freo’, which has become one of our favourite local haunts.

To start off the morning, we had breakfast at Fremantle Arts Centre which used to be an asylum!

After a leisurely breakfast, we walked around the Arts Centre and of course, couldn’t resist goofing around!

Then we drove down the road to have a wander around some of the shops…First stop: a shop that sells a whole lot of organic and healthy stuff…

Next was this shop that is famous for its freshly baked bread; check out the ‘bread man’ in the window display!

Then we saw this cool graffiti art outside an art shop..

And this caught my attention: mosaic artwork. In fact, there’s a workshop happening next Saturday which I am seriously considering of going…

Then we walked past ‘Missy Moos’ where we ate a couple of weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised. Their latest burger sounds good so we are going back again!

Another cool graffiti art, this time outside a local church building…

Our last stop of the day was stopping by an opshop to drop off some donations. Our church runs an opshop and low-cost supermarket as an outreach and service to the less fortunate in the community.


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