days of our lives: 13.05.10 – 28.05.10

  • Catching Masterchef on TV whenever we can. It is our favourite reality TV show here. We love watching what each contestant can whip up and salivating over the completed dish. And the judges’ over-the-top comments always have us in stitches: ‘that’s a really sexy-looking?! piece of fondant chocolate!’ Or ‘I love the presentation of this dish because it just brings you back to those childhood memories when you’re running through the park and seeing all these amazing colours all around you’?!
  • Since then, I have been inspired on the cooking front. One of the things I started doing was making my own mayonnaise ‘cos rule 101 of a good chef (according to the show): you HAVE TO make your own mayonnaise. I must say it is not difficult at all – eggs, vinegar or lemon juice, oil. If you, like me, have always eaten store-bought mayo, you may have thought that was how mayo was supposed to taste and smell like. But once I tasted my own homemade version, I realized that was all artificial flavouring and seasoning. Yucks!
  • I’ve also started experimenting with dessert recipes. Yesterday, this was what I made which was a hit when I brought them to office – chocolate pot de creme; served with whipped cream and raspberries.

  • I have been washing my hair with this shampoo bar (that’s right, solid shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo). After going shampoo-less for the last 6 months as an effort to ‘wean’ my hair from chemicals, I wanted to use a shampoo that only has natural ingredients. The result is amazing, you got to use it to believe it. My hair felt so soft immediately after the first wash. You can get it here if you want.

  • We finally have our driveway extended so we can park more cars and have lesser grass to mow!

  • Last weekend, our church had a series of evangelistic services and we were in charge of the altar-call team. It was tiring cos we were involved in 5 services in 3 days, plus helping out in a carnival as part of the pre-service activity. But it was all worth it, seeing many people  responded to the altar call. Out of the 77 decisions received, 20 were first time decisions for God!
  • Our neighbour’s cat J.R started ‘adopting’ us. He would appear at our doorstep whenever we are back, then hang around the house, cuddle next to us on the sofa and fall asleep. And every night, we have to ‘chase’ him out when it’s bedtime and he would then grudgingly head out the door. I am negotiating with CS to start letting J.R stay over occasionally…

  • I am still receiving presents even though it’s been more than a month since my birthday. Thanks Liz, for the awesome book on crafts. And thanks aunt, for this cute pair of boots with huge buttons!

  • The weather lately has been dreary with gutsy winds and rain. The bed is icy cold when we hopped on it; it’s crazy. It’s made us appreciate the sun whenever it does show up. We would stand under the sun if we are waiting in line for something, sit under the sun if we are eating out, put our face out and close our eyes and bask in the sunlight. Still, we’d rather have this than the heat and humidity in Singapore!
  • Really loving how this photo looked in this old rusty frame I picked up from the opshop!

  • How about YOU and what have you been busy with? Drop us an email and tell us how you are doing. Better yet, send us a card; a real one with handwriting.

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