these make me happy!

The uni co-op is having a sale. So there were books literally going for a song – at no more than $5. How good is that! I am not exaggerating when I said my heart was palpitating when I walked in and saw the tables of books on sale. Among my loot were 2 recipe books, 2 travelogues, 1 novel and 2 children book.

I also picked up these two mugs which were like the paperback covers of the popular ‘Penguin Classics’ series of novels. I’ve been eyeing them since they first came out a year ago but couldn’t justify paying $24.95 for a mug (probably ‘cos it is made in UK rather than China?!). And today, the total cost for everything came up to less than what I could have paid for these 2 mugs!

P/S: I spent most of tonight making a cake for a co-worker’s birthday tomorrow. The cake is now sitting in the oven and I’ll be putting the finishing touches tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for pictures of my first cake-baking attempt!


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  1. Very nice mugs indeed! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! I love op shops! I love perth! I shall visit this december! is it a good time to visit?

  3. hetalksshetalks

    hi rach, dec is a good time to visit as its summer so there’s a lot more activities happening – outdoor concerts/movies, markets, swimming or spending time at the beach, long picnic in the parks etc..but be prepared for the dry summer heat though…temperatures tend to soar nearing xmas time all the way to Jan/Feb…

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