saturday: photo + words

Since I was leaving for Adelaide for a conference tomorrow morning, we decided that today was going to be just us spending time with each other. No running errands, doing housework chores, or meeting people.

We had breakfast at home before heading out – toasted buttered bread with soft boiled egg on a bed of rocket and shaved Parmesan.

Destination of the day was Mt. Lawley which is a strip littered with cafes and quirky shops. I saw this massive mirror and immediately fell in love with it.

Then I saw this huge red-lettered ‘E’ and thought maybe CS can buy it for me as Christmas gift…Until I went up close and realized it was a ‘F’…

Check out this life-sized cutlery – how cool would that look in a kitchen!

And I was ‘spooked’!

I like how this shop displays their cards that are for sale on the wall; and the fact that they were all original design by local artists.

Our last stop of the day was a wallpaper shop and this caught my eye. Basically it is a black-and-white wallpaper of frames and you can stick your own pictures/photos if you like. I thought of having it on the other side of our foyer wall to echo the multiple black photo frames we already have on one side of the foyer. Hmm…

For dinner, I decided to try a new recipe which is a classic French staple – beef bourguignon which is a hearty beef stew and ingredients are pictured below:

I must say it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be; just a lot of patience since it needs to be stewed for 1.5 hours after all ingredients are sauteed. I was really proud of myself for pulling this dish off!


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  1. you two make married life look so fun! i look forward to my own and i look forward to meeting you in perth. hehe! (:

  2. hetalksshetalks

    But married life is FUn! that’s the whole point God’s intended it, isn’t it?! And yes, we have been stretching our necks out for both your arrivals; going to become giraffes soon, you know!

  3. hehe i blogged about hunk in my latest blog post! (:

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