thinking aloud…

  • God is good. The connect group we started leading in church since Oct last year is doing really well. We are now doing a series on Philip Yancy’s ‘The Bible Jesus Read’. It is so encouraging to see how our members are now showing eagerness and hunger to know more about God. Contrast that to a year ago when most of them wouldn’t even turn to their bibles unless prodded!
  • Doing ministry – we were approached by our pastor last week to consider what else we can do to grow the young adult ministry. It is so easy to simply suggest some great ideas given our ministry experience. But I am reminded to go before the Lord in this because it is not just about us coming up with great ideas and running the ministry with our experience. It is about His ideas and running it His way. Time to go into the prayer closet.
  • Faith transcends cultural barriers. This really became real to us when we started serving in church and are the only Asians around. Will they understand our accent? Can we relate to the Aussies and vice versa? Our experience has shown us that if we move beyond the superficial differences that separate, all of us do share common hopes, aspirations, struggles and fears.
  • We have been making inroads in our friendship with some of our Aussie friends. Last Friday, we were at my co-worker’s home with another couple from work and we had a great time over dinner and drinks. Last night, we had our neighbours over for dinner and it turned out to be a 4-hour long affair! It is my prayer that one day we can see them in church…
  • Leadership is never easy. A friend confided to us over lunch yesterday about his disappointment and frustration in his new role as a leader. We listened and we advised. But at the end of the day, I told him that he really needed to talk to God about it because one word from Him is better than a thousand words from men, however well-intentioned they may be.

Side note: Today, I received my latest Starbucks mug from Seattle, courtesy from a student who holidayed there 2 weeks ago.


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