new journey

[Photo taken yesterday after work when I was walking to the carpark. Yes, this is an active railway track that I walk past everyday to and from work.]

After much planning, we are finally having CS’ mum come live with us in what we hope will be a permanent arrangement. With his sister and family’s migrating to Canada, it is inevitable that this will happen.

When I looked back to our courtship day where I actually declared to CS that I would ‘never’ live with my in-laws, I now realized how foolish those words were. Thank God he never dumped me over that because his mother has always been really important to him. Perhaps he knew it was only a matter of time that I will come to love his mum the way he did. And I did.

Over time, I got to know my mother-in-law. She is one of the few women I considered godly. Her faithfulness and prayerful-ness were 2 qualities that really stood out for me. She hasn’t always had an easy life yet she is always generous towards people around her. And she would often praise me in front of her friends.

It’s funny how the more you love someone, that love then gradually grows to include others that are important to that someone as well.

So, there will be adjustments as we learn to live together now. There will be times of frustrations, I am sure. Yet, I am quietly confident that love does conquer all.


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  1. As someone who moved her spouse in with her parents to help take care of them I say congrats! My oarents are gone now – not a day goes by I don’t wish for my mum! But my husband has some great memories with them as well (I think he may miss her as much as I do) a great suggestion that was given to me and I pass on to you is make real date nights a few times a month – it makes a WORLD of difference

  2. hetalksshetalks

    hi Joy, thanks for visiting..and most of all, your little sharing and tip!

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