my new ride

As promised, here’s me with my ‘new’ car (Mazda 3, SP23, ’06 model) which we bought at an auction some weeks ago. Remember the freak hailstorm that swept through Perth recently? Well, many cars were written off by the insurance companies  when the repair costs were more costly than writing off the cars. As a result, these cars were then auctioned off in a bid by the insurance companies to recoup at least some of their losses.

The car we bought had minimal dents that were hardly visible. And all we had to do was replaced the cracked windscreen and damaged side mirror. For safety reason, CS also decided to buy me a entire set of new tyres. (I know, it’s a pretty romantic gesture, right?!)

Notice what I was holding in my hand? That’s my car key in a massive giraffe key chain (it helps me locate the key easily no matter what bag I am using!) which CS absolutely refuses to be seen with if he is driving the car. So thank God we have a spare key!

What I am wearing:

Black cardigan and white scarf – Valley Girl, a popular local brand

Skirt – Singapore

Woven tights – Sussan, another local brand

Boots – secondhand shop in Tasmania

Vintage leather bag – secondhand shop in Perth


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