weekend: photos + words

If I had to sum up what the last weekend was about, it would be: FOOD, FOOD AND FOOD.

It started on a healthy note though. It was the Staff/Student Sports Day at the uni so I was out there playing and competing in non-traditional sports on Friday afternoon. Even CS came along to take photos and watch the games.

After the Sports Day, that’s when things spiraled ‘out of control’ for us. We had pizza and beer for dinner courtesy of the uni. When we went home, we had wanted to go over to the neighbours to watch the footy game with them. (Last Friday was an important game for the footy fans cos 1 of our WA state teams was competing for a spot in the national footy final) It turned out that T was already at the local pub and his partner A was on her way to join him. So we ended up joining them at the local pub to watch the game.

After the game (which we lost), the group which had by now swelled to include their family and friends suggested bringing us to their favourite Chinese restaurant, which we found rather amusing – A group of white Aussies bringing their Asian friends to their own favourite Chinese restaurant. And so we didn’t really have any high expectations. Boy, were we wrong! Too bad we didn’t have our camera with us but if you use your imagination, here’s what we had as our second dinner for the night: garlic prawns on sizzling hot plate, satay chicken in claypot, buttered beef with deep fried kai-lan leaves, stuffed duck with yam, stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables, sticky honey chicken and special fried rice.

We went to bed that night totally stuffed with food and happy that the weekend had only just started for us…

On Saturday evening, we went over to Zoe and Nico’s to have our long anticipated ‘culinary exchange’ night. Nico was responsible for the hors d’oeuvre and the entree. For the first, we had a Mediterranean-inspired fish cake served with lemon and spice.

Our entree was superb – seared scallop with homemade chilli jam atop pan fried pork belly. No words can describe the taste of a perfectly cooked pork belly when it is crispy on the outside and the fats just melt in your mouth…hmm…

We took charge of the main dish and the dessert. Because it is still wintry cold, we decided to have Japanese steamboat. As a special treat, we bought sliced wagyu beef,  fresh prawns and different varieties of Japanese mushrooms. Trust me, we could have sat there eating and chatting all night long…

Then we had ginger chocolate panna cotta which is a wicked indulgence to cap off the night. By this stage, the 2 men had totally surrendered from all the food we had been eating all night (3 hours straight) while Zoe and I were literally licking up every bit of the chocolate!

On Sunday, Ivana who was house-sitting for a couple holidaying in France invited a group of us over for a Bosnian-inspired lunch. Thankfully, it was mostly vegetarian, if you don’t include the eggs, cream and cheeses. They were pita bread baked with cheese, roasted eggplants with olive oil and garlic, caramelised onions with mushrooms, smoked tuna salad with polenta bread. For dessert, we had something similar to a Swiss roll with French chocolate.

For our Sunday dinner, we went down to the church cafe for a young adult social gathering. Guess what’s on the menu? Wagyu beef burger. By this stage I was no longer hungry but still wanted to eat the beef so I went without the buns! The chef who prepared the meal was there to explain to us what the fuss is all about the wagyu beef and the different grades. Apparently, the higher the fat content (the marbling) the more premium the beef is. What we had last night was 4.5 out of a score of 10. Given that we only paid $10 per person we were really satisfied with our meal.  (Sorry about the bad picture quality as we didn’t have our SLR camera with us and the cafe was dimly lit with candles only.)

So you see, I was totally exhausted by the time we reached home at 9pm last night and hit the bed straightaway after washing up. It had been an awesome weekend where we feasted and dined with some great company. But for the sake of our health it would be something we wouldn’t do for a long time to come…


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