weekend: photos + words

Since mum-in-law arrived to live with us, we try to spend at least Saturday morning with her. Last Saturday, we went to the annual sustainability festival held along Hulbert Street. It started with a local resident who decided to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and then started opening his home to the public once in a year in the hope that they will be inspired to do likewise. Since then, the rest of his neighbours living on the same street had caught his vision and joined him in his sustainability campaign.

A mock-up version of how the ideal sustainable house would look like…

A close up of the house – see the cute little pieces of clothing hanging on the clothesline and the wheelie bins right behind?!

A sampling of the food and drinks being sold by the residents…

Not to mention the handmade and secondhand stuff that were on sale to encourage recycling and creativity…

Of course, a good festival wouldn’t be complete without music!

And there was me posing with the creator of the beautiful banner with my goodies for the day – 2 handmade Christmas wreaths made of t-shirt rags, a button brooch and a white vintage Glomesh bag!


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  1. aiya, why never ask me to come along leh?

  2. hey aunt…aiyah…i couldn’t decide whether to go on a saturday or sunday until the last minute..and it was in freo so i was afraid you will find that too far for you…next time lah..

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