beach getaway…

It is a long weekend this week and mum-in-law is off to a church retreat until Monday. Thanks to a friend who had generously offered her beach house to us, we have headed down south to Yallingup (Aborginal meaning ‘Place of Love’, isn’t that beautiful?). And this is where we will be spending the next few days:

Over the next couple of days, we are looking forward to:

  • lazy days ahead with nothing on the agenda;
  • watching the sunset from the verandah (pretty amazing according to friend…);
  • cooking meals with fresh produce to be bought from the weekend farmers’ market;
  • reading and falling asleep on the deck chairs on the said verandah;
  • writing long-overdue letters and cards to friends;
  • visiting some local farms if we feel up to it and
  • taking time out to pray for the young adult ministry – after a year of leading a connect group, the pastors and us agreed that it is now time for us to take direct leadership. Essentially, we have been given a free rein to lead the ministry. Yet, it is not a responsibility we take lightly. We are entering this challenging phase with much prayer and excitement. And we are trusting God to give us a certain number of young adults (we are still seeking God for confirmation of a faith target) that we can mentor and develop so that they in turn, will be the ones to lead the young adult ministry in church.

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  1. you guys have so much free time to chill, envious!

  2. Jo, never thought I’d say this – but when you get to our age, you are allowed to have a bit of extra time to chill! Hope all’s well with you. Drop us an email and tell us how you are getting on…Love, cs & e

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