Weekend DIY project

This weekend, with the help of friends from church, we finally finished the last stage of our backyard renovation work – installing the artificial lawn. It was all hands on deck for everyone who pitched in whatever they could. And the end result was amazing! The backyard now looks so appealing with all the greenery. Now that spring is here, we will probably be spending more time al fresco!

First, 10cm of the existing sand had to be dug up so that compacting sand can be laid over.

Then the artificial lawn is trimmed and nailed into place.

Next, the  lawn had to be brushed so that they can ‘stand up’.

Viola! One side of the lawn. (Check out my first veggie pot with parsley and coriander!)

Front view of backyard with more potted plants courtesy of mum-in-law’s gardening effort. So far, we had herbs growing like spring onions, chives, garlic, mint, and rosemary plus some succulents and flowers.


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  1. wow, its looks really good, although is artificail lawn. Good job.

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