stories from the weekends

The last two weekends had been unforgettable for many reasons. And each reason can be a story in itself; here are some in a nutshell:

There is the story of us spending a Saturday evening with a couple from church. Not only was the great company accompanied with great food, what made it unforgettable was the fact that the couple who invited us weren’t exactly on familial terms with us except for the fact that their daughter was one of our young adults. To be extended hospitality when you least expect it is refreshing.

There is the story of how God broke through a young adult we had been praying for – seeing him sobbing his heart before God in church was awesome.

There is the story of how we caught up with Rachael and her sister over a home-cooked meal at our place when they were visiting from Singapore. In between washing dishes and eating dessert, we had a good chat about looking for love, romance and life partners. I love sharing our stories because it often evokes such sweet memories and makes me realize after all these year, I am more in love than ever.

There is the story of CS telling me how he felt that weekend was ‘the best ever’ – this from a man who isn’t prone to using superlatives speaks volume.

There is the story of how we spent an hour talking in bed one early morning and I finally persuaded CS to let me throw him a party for his coming 40th birthday. And he’s promised not to do a disappearing act on that day.

There is the story of God speaking to me during a ladies’ event last Saturday – living life at my natural pitch. Cast the restraint you put on yourself, E. Time to step out of the boat.

There is the story of me speaking to a young adult during the break at the ladies’ event to be more involved in the young adult ministry and God confirmed it when she was singled out by the invited speaker and have prophetic words spoken over her confirming our earlier conversation. Both of us were left in awe of God’s timing.

There is the story of how the two of us managed to have some time with each other before church last Sunday. At the farmer’s market, we wandered around with a hot chocolate in hand and bought some veggies and flowers – mundane tasks can be such joy when you share it with a loved one.

There is the story of me decorating my first kid’s birthday cake for the coolest two-year old. In CS’ words, Kezia is ‘cool and I like him’. I read him a storybook he got as a gift at the birthday party. But when it was time to go, and with many other kids in the house by then, we were actually glad to leave.

There is the story of us being prayed for by the invited speaker in church and prophetic words were spoken over us. Those words will be cherished and kept close to our hearts. Thank you God for knowing our needs even before we utter them.

Roses bought at the farmers’ market


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