prelude to birthday

Today I took the day off to spend time with the hunk because this is, after all, his last day in his thirties. We went shopping for his present but ended up not finding anything suitable. We then headed to V Burger Bar for an early dinner and it was probably the best burger we have ever had! And the chips were so crispy and stayed so even after awhile! We concluded this is a place we would return again.

At the cafe, I couldn’t wait but decided to give CS a little gift I’d made – a handwritten birthday booklet.

Inside the booklet:


You are

1. kind

2. generous

3. quirky

4. faithful

5. sensitive

6. loving

7. down-to-earth

8. funny (haha!)

9. intelligent

10. easy-going

11. warm

12. playful

13. calm

14. patient

15. forgiving

16. sensible

17. friendly

18. compassionate

19. handsome

20. romantic

21. child-like

22. laid-back

23. merciful

24. one-of-a-kind

25. practical

26. humourous

27. caring

28. loyal

29. honest

30. godly

31. gentle

32. thrifty

33. helpful

34. wise

35. teachable

36. discerning

37. accepting

38. nutty

39. understanding







20 Nov 2010

Stay tuned for the birthday party tomorrow!


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  1. Hi SiS,

    sorry for missing the dateline for CS Bro Birthday wishes
    pls help me give him a big hug and may peace and joys be wif both of u always…

    Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
    New happiness that stays throughout the year
    Hope ur birthday brings all these and more
    Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

    yours brother

  2. hi daniel, thanks for the well wishes and i’ve passed them to cs. wish you could be at the party to share our joy though…

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