almost fainted!

At the petrol station last week, I was topping up fuel when the pump stopped working. CS was coming over to help me when a staff appeared.

Staff: How old are you, love? Did you know you have to be over 16 to top up fuel yourself? Otherwise, it is against the law to do it unless there’s parental supervision? (She turned and looked at CS)

Then she walked back into the shop where there was a long queue of people waiting to pay.

Me: Did you hear what she just said? Did she seriously think I am under 16?

There was no way I was going into the shop to pay and so I sent CS instead with the following instruction:

Me: Please go and clarify what she just said; whether we heard her correctly…

After a while, CS emerged from the shop with a grin on his face.

Me: So what did the lady say?

CS: I asked her how old did she think you were. And she repeated that it’s against the law for under 16 to pump their own fuel. (It turned out that the staff had cut off the fuel from my pump cos she thought I was underage) So I told her “that girl is my wife and she’s 35 this year.”

Staff’s reply? “Really? It must be the haircut.”

The funniest part? I did just have a haircut before stopping for fuel!! Once I was home, I couldn’t help but stand in front of the mirror checking out my new haircut. Did I look juvenile? ‘Cos it’s one thing to look younger than your age and quite another to look underage! Whatever it is, both of us had such a good laugh from that.

In the words of CS, ‘the darn-est thing happen to you!’

Judge for yourself here; this is me with my one-week old haircut: Do I look under-16? Seriously?!


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  1. Very nice!! And really quite youthful 🙂 At your usual hairdresser?! I should have gotten my hair cut by her before I left!

  2. hi rach, well i changed my hairdresser recently. found out that 1 of our young adults from church is a popular hairdresser and i decided to try her instead. must say i love her sense of style..

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