Summer loving!

One of the best things about summer is having friends over and enjoying a meal over the the barbie. Yesterday, we had 2 couples who were foodies like us over for dinner. And here’s what we had:

For starter, Gillian/Ciaran made an Asian-style salad which was all crunchiness and refreshing to taste. And look at the colours!

As for us, we bought some gourmet sausages (think spinach-ricotta-chicken, hot-and-spicy, Moroccan lamb) from the butcher and also experimented with new recipes. The prawns were marinated with olive oil, lemon grass, garlic, chilli, salt and pepper.

Then our piece-de-resistance – field mushrooms with mascarpone and crumbled blue cheese topped with basil. It’s nothing to look at honestly but it was everyone’s favourite!

For dessert, Nico/Zoe brought a summer fruit salad served with raspberry coulis which was the perfect dessert given the heavy meal we had.

After that, it was some mucking around with the kids. Or rather, Kezia playing with CS. Right from the start since we knew Kezia, this little guy has always had a soft spot with  CS and would often initiate play with him. There is something magical about CS I must say, ‘cos I ended up marrying him!

And then the kids couldn’t wait to find their presents underneath the tree…and of course, they got what they wanted!

What wasn’t captured in the pictures was the after-dinner part. Gillian and Ciaran stayed on to play mahjong with us – something we had been doing with them. Last night, however, we learnt a new style of mahjong which was pretty competitive because of the scoring system! And I won 6 out of all 6 rounds! Now if only real money was at stake….

P/s: I still haven’t been able to capture a nice picture of our Christmas tree for this year. Am going to keep trying till I snapped a favourite so stay tuned…


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