weekend: photo + words

You know the weekend is off to a good start when it begins with a breakfast on the bed…After a night out with the neighbours at an Indian restaurant and bowling afterwards on Friday, I decided to have a lie-in on Saturday morning. So CS decided to surprise me with a breakfast in bed – we had toasted crispy croissants with butter and homemade apricot jam accompanied with a hot cup of tea. And here’s hat we got up to over the weekend:


  • Breakfast in bed
  • CS watched a DVD while I made some cards and wrapped some more Christmas presents
  • Went shopping for more last minute presents and hunk finally managed to get replacement blades for his helicopter (yes, he’s got one of those remote controlled helicopter which was broken when he took it out to play at his birthday party)
  • Visited aunt and uncle
  • Went over to Ivana’s to feed the dogs cos she’s away
  • Spent the night watching the movie ‘Salt’ starring Angelina Jolie (not her best movie I think)


  • Met Gillian for coffee at the farmers’ market before church
  • Christmas service in church
  • Lunch with some young adults at The Left Bank
  • Home – CS watched ‘Prince of Persia’ with a young adult who came home with us and I pottered around the house and caught a short nap!
  • Down to South Beach for Young Adults – had a great time and I learnt to kayak on my own for the first time, had a barbeque, watched some spectacular sunset. Then I saw this new restaurant, Pickled Fig right by the beach which I will definitely return to check it out over a sunset dinner probably.
  • Home sweet home – in bed by 10pm totally exhausted!

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