personal project\ two people twelve times\ Jan 2011

Inspired by what Tara Whitney had done over there at her blog, I am adopting this year-long project over at our blog too.


This is us. After a whole day of seeking refuge in our air-conditioned house, away from the blistering summer heat, we took advantage of the cool evening breeze and attended ‘Picnic Jazz in the Park’¬† near home.

The sun was setting. A sultry jazz singer was singing to a string quartet. Families, couples and friends were having a good time. Too bad we didn’t manage to stay very long for the concert as it started drizzling soon after we arrived.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves. I suppose life is not just having someone to weather the storms and trials together but also, having someone to share little moments with – a sunset, a picnic, a knowing gaze.


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