weekend: photos + words

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Last weekend was one of mixed feelings. The natural disaster that hit Japan on Friday and the news update we have been following over the internet and TV, for a while, it was almost hard to reconcile what’s happening in one part of the world and the normalcy of life we are living here.

I think it is easy to get philosophical about life when unexpected crises happens; the unpredictability and meaning of life. But this time, I chose to LIVE life rather than ‘philosophize’ about it – with a sense of gratitude.

And so in the midst of our weekend activities, I found myself grateful for:
* colleagues-turned-good friends so work is actually enjoyable;
* good health so I could be swimming thrice weekly;
* girlfriends to share a meal and laughter with;
* neighbours whom we now consider each other ‘family’;
* youths and young adults from church to share our lives with;
* church that we could play an active role in – our next project is planning for a church retreat happening in May;
* creativity all around when we visited ‘Sculpture by the Sea‘ at Cottesloe Beach;
* the amazing sunset we saw at the beach – something I will never get enough of;
* you – I will never get tired of saying ‘I love you’ everyday and mean it; and
* GOD – thank You for the gift of life; I pray I will not squander it away.


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