till then, emma for i’m sure we haven’t seen the last of each other yet

This is Emma and me.

Last Friday was her last day at work and so we had a farewell drinks with her at Little Creatures. Emma and I started work in the same division at around the same time. We didn’t hit it off immediately, more because we were working in different departments. But over the last one year, we started going on lunch dates together and ‘discovered’ each other. And we started calling ourselves ‘E-square’ – the BIG E and small e. Coincidentally, both our partners are called ‘Ben’; how funny is that?! (The two ‘Ben’s finally met over drinks last Friday.)

As her farewell gift, I gave her a ‘cloud’ brooch (see photo) to tell her that the sky is the limits wherever she goes. Unknown to me, she also bought me something – a box of inspirational notecards. (One of the things we have in common is that we are both stationery-crazy fans. Only she will understand my fascination with handmade things, animal-shaped paper clips and what-nots!)

I will miss her but something tells me we will be in touch… (Not through Facebook ‘cos the silly girl just wouldn’t get onto it!)


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