innovation meets tradition

Finally I got myself a parallel Bible – The New King James Version and The Message.

Reading the preface to The Message, I was surprised to learn that Eugene Peterson was a former Bible-teacher-turned-pastor. In his own words, “The Message grew from the soil of forty years of pastoral work”. Why? “I lived in two language worlds, the world of the Bible and the world of Today. I had always assumed they were the same world. But these people didn’t see it that way. So out of necessity I became a ‘translator’, daily standing on the border between two worlds, getting the language of the Bible that God uses to create and save us, heal and save us…into the language of Today that we use to gossip and tell stories, give directions and do business, sing songs and talk to our children.”

“The Bible is not only written about us but to us. In these pages we become insiders to a conversation in which God uses words to form and bless us, to teach and guide us, to forgive us and save us.

“We aren’t used to this. We are used to reading books that explain things, or tell us what to do, or inspire or entertain us. But this is different. This is a world of revelation: God revealing to people just like us…Revelation means that we are reading something we couldn’t have guessed or figured out on our own. Revelation is what makes the Bible unique.”

So I will be putting aside my New Living Translation Bible which I had for a while now and start reading the Bible in these 2 versions side by side from tomorrow. And my prayer will be: ‘O Lord, give me revelation as I read through Your written words to me.’


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