confessions of a bookaholic…

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Hello everyone. My name is Ervina and I am a bookaholic. I don’t exactly know when it started but I did remember receiving mostly books as presents when I was growing up. Any books by Enid Blyton, The Hardy Boys, The Secret Five and Nancy Drew were my staple (literary) diet. And libraries were my favourite haunts. In fact, I am very sure that my serious myopia today was caused by me reading by the dim lights when I was supposed to be asleep!

From my latest Amazon purchase, I had since finished ‘The Blue Parakeet – Rethinking how you read the Bible’, another excellent book by Scot McKnight. A must-read for those who wish to be jolted from their usual Bible reading habits. Anne Lamott’s ‘bird by bird’ is a book about writing. I like her sense of humor and the very practical advice about getting started on writing. It makes me want to get started in my new Moleskin notebook which I bought ages ago.


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  1. Bird by bird is really good. Have you read traveling mercies? Good as well.

  2. hetalksshetalks

    hi Isaiah – yes, those 2 books were under my latest amazon purchase. haven’t started on it yet though…hope all’s well with you, my friend..

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