and july’s not even over yet…

this feels like the longest month. the fact that it is winter now and we have shorter daylights doesn’t help at all.

i had to fly back Singapore for some family matters on a last minute notice. it was the first time i had flown back with mixed feelings. but at the end of the day, after all’s said and done, we can only hope for the best.

because i had flown back to Singapore alone and on such short notice, not many friends knew i was back in town. this meant i had the time to do what i always wanted – exploring new places that had opened up in older neighbourhoods. at Haji Lane, Becky and I spent a whole afternoon browsing through almost every shop and ended up in Bar Stories sipping a cocktail. Except that it didn’t leave us with a sweet aftertaste when the bill arrived – $30 for a cocktail!

then i baked an awesome birthday cake for the lovely neighbour – red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. baking the cake was easy but layering it with the frosting was challenging. i was still icing the cake minutes before leaving the house and had to console myself that it was ‘rustic-looking’ . the best compliments received that night was that Alyce’s grandmother couldn’t bear to finish her cake cos she wanted to save some for the next day! i cut her a big slice of the leftover cake and insisted she took that home instead.

then some young adults were over in Perth for a short visit. as usual, it is always good to catch up with those dear ones and exchanged news. ever since moving to perth i realized i’ve been more intentional in my relationships – knowing we cannot possibly keep in touch and stay as involved with everyone’s lives, so how do we decide’? i have come to realize that often, it is not who we ‘choose’ per se, but who God’s brought across our paths. for instance, it was great knowing a youth-turned-young-adult by now through the recent trip. no, we didn’t have many deep and meaningful conversations but i trust the rare times we did, everyone were left encouraged. you know, it really doesn’t matter what seasons you are in life, we all have stories to share.

then, surprise surprise, when i was least expecting it, CS blew me away with a KitchenAid mixer – something i’d coveted since i started baking seriously one year ago. that, and the IPAD 2 (but that’s another story altogether)…

see, i did tell you it has been quite a month, isn’t it?


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