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building memories…

For our 10th anniversary, CS had wanted to buy me what I’d been eying on since I started seriously baking last year – Kitchenaid Mixer. I’d found that out only because he didn’t want to spend a bomb and buy me one in a colour I didn’t like so he decided to let me know earlier. To his surprise, I suggested why don’t we go camping to celebrate it.

Frankly, that camping suggestion was inspired by what Donald Miller wrote in his book, ‘A thousand miles in a thousand years’:

“A good movie has memorable scenes, and so does a good life.”

What he said really resonated with me. Not wanting to sound unappreciative, but if you asked me what CS had bought me in all our years together, I’d fail the test miserably. Life, as I’ve slowly come to realize, is not about the things we owned or bought or were given. It is about memories and shared moments.

So I am glad we went camping to celebrate our 10th anniversary because that will be remembered in many years to come. But just for the records, here’s our ‘memorable scenes’ from the trip:


* 1st meal @campsite: Mee pok dry with mum’s chilli and vinegar, along with a sunny-side up;

* Awesome seafood platter lunch on anniversary, with a panoramic view as backdrop;

* Received excellent service from an Indonesian lady at a local supermaket while buying cheeses and olives;

* Champagne, olives, cheeses, roasted almonds and biscuits for dinner;

* Brekkie @Bay Merchant cafe;

* Sunday market @ Albany Boatshed, buying live yabbies for dinner;

* Taking afternoon naps in the tent;

* Watching dvds with wifey in the tent.


* Waking up to the sound of raindrops and rustling of the kangaroos while sleeping at night;

* Singing together to the music from our IPOD while driving;

* Lazy afternoons – watching movies and having a picnic just outside our tent;

* Climbing Mt. Clarence to the ANZAC war memorial in Albany – I thought the weather that day was befitting the occasion – overcast skies with drizzling rain;

* Looking out of the restaurant where we had our anniversary lunch – literally, it was a ‘top of the world’ moment;

* The conversation with the owner of Oranje Tractor vineyard and learning more about their story – I find that smaller vineyards are often better this way because they are more personable;

* All the meals we cooked at our campsite;

* Setting up camp and giving it as much a ‘homely’ feel as possible.


love across the distance…

It is our 9th wedding anniversary today and it is the first time we are apart on this day. Still, we sent each other something to remember this special day. This is what I received from CS: A Precious Moment figurine entitled ‘I Still Do’.

And this is my present to CS – a cross-stitch artwork which took me a week of staying up till 1am so that I could finish it and sent it to him on time! As a result, this week saw me getting tired and sleeping earlier just to catch up on all those lost sleep!

So how did I celebrate our wedding anniversary tonight? Thank God for co-workers turned good friends. We had dinner at one of their homes and looked who popped in for a surprise appearance! One cheeky guy somehow got hold of CS’ picture, laminated it and brought him in when a toast was proposed in honor of our anniversary before dinner started. So yes, we did end up celebrating ‘together’ after all!

blog giveaway winner is…


E: Jaimee, pick a number from 1 to 8.

J: Seven!

There you have it – winner of our blog giveaway is the 7th person who left a comment on our blog. (Hi Lotus, can you leave me a message on FB as to what you would like from the Oxfam’s catalogue? You have to pick something, ok?!)

Pictured above is also my newest addition to my Starbucks collection – a Gold Coast mug, courtesy of Jaimee who bought it while she was there for the Australian University Games last week. Thanks, dear!

2nd anniversary blog giveaway!

Remember this time two years ago? It was when we embarked on a new chapter in our couplehood journey by moving to Perth permanently. Last year, we did a blog giveaway to celebrate the milestone. And the response was “overwhelming” – all thanks to Lionel and Jen (winner) who participated.

To continue the tradition, we are doing another blog giveaway to one reader who leaves a comment on this blog by this Sunday. The prize? The winner can choose any item(s) from the Oxfam’s spring catalogue up to $20! And by so doing, you are also supporting Oxfam’s cause of fair trade in Third World countries. All comments have to be submitted by this Sunday, 4 October, 2359hr. Hurry!


we’re eight!

img_6592Eight ways I know you love me – by E

1. You do the laundry without me asking you to.

2. You always want to hold my hands when we are out.

3. You always tell me ‘I love you’ before you go to sleep.

4. You pick me up from the bus stop after work whenever you can; just so that I don’t have to walk in the hot sun or the rain…

5. You whining to me sometimes that we don’t spend enough time together even after 8 years of marriage!

6. You go shopping with me.

7. You helping me to finish my many creative-restoration-home improvement projects. I can’t wait to use our latest DIY project in our new home – a lovingly restored 1960s bread bin in orange and blue!

8. You get anxious even when I have small cuts or bruises.

Eight ways I know you love me – by C.S

1. You write me love messages in little heart shape cards.

2. You make sure I have enough “pocket money” at all times.

3. You accompany me to look at cars whenever I ask you to.

4. You ask me to drive to work so I don’t have to wake up so early.

5. You cook my favorite dish for dinner.

6. You bear with my “nonsense”.

7. You buy clothes for me.

8. You kiss me on my cheeks.

Eight ways I show “I love you” – by E

1. I hug you lots.

2. I tell you things that I will not share with anyone else.

3. I exchange sweet-nothings with you over the emails.

4. I go to car showrooms with you and listen to you talk about cars.

5. I treat your family members like they were my own.

6. I make a big deal out of your birthday because you never used to celebrate it while growing up.

7. I made you personalized presents because I know you are not big on me buying things for you.

8. I learnt how to cook just for you.

Eight ways I show “I love you” by C.S

1. I hold your hands whenever we are out.

2. I bring you your contact lens casing before you go to sleep.

3. I go shopping with you.

4. I help you in your scrapbooking projects.

5. I enjoy ‘observing’ you.

6. I do “silly things” just to make you laugh.

7. I join you for outings with your friends.

8. I say “I love you” everyday.

weekend: photos + words

On Saturday, we celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of our aunt and uncle. Since young, they have always been my role models. In their marriage, I saw how it is possible to stay in love with each other despite the years. I saw how a couple could weather storms together and come out stronger. I saw how important it is for a couple to have fun and laugh togther, often. (Dear aunt and uncle, here’s wishing that you guys will have many, many great years to come! Thanks for being my role models and I love you both dearly!)


Pre-dinner cocktail @ Creatures’ Loft, Fremantle


Top row: button necklace – my own creation; Terry ~ my favourite cousin! Middle row: Dinner @ The Left Bank, East Fremantle. Bottom row: the lovely couple and us

and the winner is…

Our first giveaway attempt was a ‘roaring’ success – thanks to ‘overwhelming’ response from our readers! Hahaha! We knew many had visited our blog over the weekend from the statistics even though only Lionel and Jen left a comment. And so CS did a lucky draw tonight and the winner is Jen! Congrats, Jen! Alas, Lionel, your ardent plea of ‘gimme gimme gimme’ was unfulfilled. Better luck next time?!


On 30 September 2007, we left what we had always called home- Singapore, for Perth. The number of people who turned up to bid us farewell at the airport surprised us. From our dear family members to our neighbours to the many young adults whom we have bonded so closely over the years (even some of their parents turned up!) to personal friends and ex-colleagues etc. And so we left Singapore with a big space in our hearts.

One year has passed since then. We weathered good times and not-so-good times but for all those moments we are grateful to God. He had shown Himself faithful, whatever our circumstances. Our faith had grown as a result of this new journey and our relationship as a couple had become stronger.

To celebrate our 1st anniversary in Perth, we are going to do a little giveaway. One lucky reader of our blog will be sent some souvenirs we picked out during our recent road trip. Simply leave a comment on our blog and we will do a random draw after the weekend. Have fun!

P/S: I (E) just realized that a trio of mini artworks I did months ago was a pretty good reflection of what the past year has been for us. What serendipity!

A Witness to Our Lives

We have 2 wedding anniversaries.

29 Nov 1999 – We were officially married @ROM in the presence of our families.

5 Mar 2001 – We were married in church in the sight of God before our families and friends.

In our years of marriage, we have always celebrated both anniversaries. Since last year, we decided that we’d just celebrate our church wedding anniversary because that really marked the beginning of our lives together as a married couple.

Last Thurs, CS was not home the usual time after work. Turned out he made a detour to buy roses for me in remembrance of our anniversary; and gave me a card which he had gone to the mall to buy during lunchtime that day. Love was manifested and felt.

Both of us have this favorite quote from the movie ‘Shall We Dance’ in which Susan Sarandon talks about the reason why she was married:

“Because we need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things… all of it, all of the time, every day. You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.”


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