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long weekends are for…

  • driving up the hills to have a leisurely breakfast and browse at the local market – the poached eggs were cooked perfectly!

  • spending time with family and friends – and what better way to do that than celebrating birthdays together. Happy Birthday, Kenny, Portia & Frank!

  • trying out new recipes – I think this is the first time I’ve been so ‘creative and productive’ in the kitchen over a weekend: lemon coconut cake; creamed corn, cheese and bacon muffins; roasted fennel, leek and potato soup; plums and cinnamon crumble with vanilla ice cream

  • catching up on housework and staying home after a hectic weekend of socialising (hand-carved pebbles of L.O.V.E bought from the said market above)


The chocoholic chocolate cake

Two of the goals I set for myself this year was to learn how to bake and make desserts. And the second season of Masterchef has been a catalyst for me in this area. Seeing ordinary folks being so passionate about cooking and serving up the best dish they can has inspired me to do the same in my own kitchen.

So here it is, a pictorial post about my first cake-making culinary adventure. The satisfying part was that everyone in office loves it and couldn’t believe this is the first cake I baked!

so spoiled!

This morning, I was surprised (again!) with this lovely bunch of lilies at work. It was a belated birthday gesture courtesy of my big boss and her daughter who has been working in our office as a student helper the last two weeks.

Last night, I received some more birthday goodies in the mailbox – a handmade card from ST and a pretty bible bag from Swee Fong. Then Kieran called to send his birthday wishes. Thank you to everyone who remembered; your mails and gifts are deeply appreciated.

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