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Yesterday, Mish and I had lunch with Julie our church mate. She’s leaving for home (Wisconsin, America) this Friday after working here as a nanny (to 5 kids!) for the last one year. Bye, Julie!


Then, CS surprised me with a ‘just because’ bouquet of flowers when he came home from work. Funny thing was when I opened the garage door to greet him, I actually asked ‘have you got anything for me?’ which was totally random but caught him off-guard because ‘how come she knew?’ Of course, I didn’t!


After dinner, we had telly time and I experimented with paper cutting. For a while now, I’ve been an admirer of Rob Ryan’s work but I can’t really afford his art pieces so I decided to try doing it myself. I printed one of his easiest works and started cutting away. Then I backed it up with another piece of cardstock, framed it in a secondhand black wooden frame, and gave it to CS, who was really happy because he thought that was his birthday present. Well, the best is yet to be, honey!


P/S: One sad news: the HUUGE spider mentioned in our last post died mysteriously two days ago. CS reckoned it was because the smaller spiders he had been feeding it were poisonous…


nostalgia hits again…farewell memories

She spoke:

  • Celebrity-style send-off @Changi Airport (thanks to you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you etc for seeing us off)
  • Handmade scrapbook album (thanks, Lydia & Terence for compiling all the notes written for us. I wept while reading it on the plane…sob, sob)
  • Farewell lunches/dinners hosted by different friends (thanks, friends, for making sure we ate so much that we won’t be missing local food until our return next June! Another round when we are back?)
  • Songs especially written & recorded for us (thanks, David & Pris! We’d have never dreamt of having songs written in our honor!)
  • Lionel’s self-assembled polaroid album (thanks, bro! especially the fact that it was in my favorite color, shocking pink!)
  • The overnight outing with the Epignosis/NS cell on the last night before our departure (Joseph, David, YiHang, Jen, Chris, Marshall, Michael, Lydia, Huifen & Pris) – we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our last night in Singapore!
  • Ex-colleagues (NTU) who sent me off – Wendy, CP, Jennifer (sorry I had to go before you could say good-bye; really appreciate you rushing down to see me off); Ladies, I missed our days of working and eating together!
  • Farewell drinks @Loof’s with ex-colleagues (NUS) – AG, LK, VIR, ML, EK. Let’s meet again when I return. I promise to be ‘good’ and not puke this time! I missed you guys!!
  • “It ends tonight” – All American Rejects
  • “i carry your heart” – e.e. cummings

He spoke:

  • Both our mums crying at our send-off(we know how they tried very hard to control their tears until we were at the gate.)
  • Jen being the very 1st one to reach the airport besides our family (thanks, bro, for the card.)
  • Yasmin & Yakin, our Malay neighbours who turned up with their grandparents, mom n aunt. The 2 kids gave us a stalk of flower (soft toy kind) each.
  • Last call to board plane and we still hadn’t check in yet!
  • Kenneth Ng (a friend turned brother) was at the gate just in time to bid farewell.
  • A mad rush to the boarding gate (and it has to be the furthest one whenever you’re pressed for time)!

Farewell @Gone Fishing’s

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