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weekend: photos + words

Since mum-in-law arrived to live with us, we try to spend at least Saturday morning with her. Last Saturday, we went to the annual sustainability festival held along Hulbert Street. It started with a local resident who decided to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and then started opening his home to the public once in a year in the hope that they will be inspired to do likewise. Since then, the rest of his neighbours living on the same street had caught his vision and joined him in his sustainability campaign.

A mock-up version of how the ideal sustainable house would look like…

A close up of the house – see the cute little pieces of clothing hanging on the clothesline and the wheelie bins right behind?!

A sampling of the food and drinks being sold by the residents…

Not to mention the handmade and secondhand stuff that were on sale to encourage recycling and creativity…

Of course, a good festival wouldn’t be complete without music!

And there was me posing with the creator of the beautiful banner with my goodies for the day – 2 handmade Christmas wreaths made of t-shirt rags, a button brooch and a white vintage Glomesh bag!


daily photo: self portrait

Today, I wore this outfit to a conference of which I was also a member of the organizing committee. While waiting for CS to pick me up after the conference, I decided to take a self-portrait in the hotel toilet!

White T-shirt: Giordano (Singapore)

Silk-lined woolen vest: Morrison, a well-known Western Australian label whose clothes cost easily hundreds of dollars, bought from the opshop!

Pin-stripes pants: Opshop

Shoes: Online store,

Leather bag (made in India, according to label): Opshop

Who says looking good has to be expensive!

friday night out

Despite the wintry cold, we decided to head to Freo for a night out. Why? Good friends Ivan and Bel were giving us a dinner treat!

While waiting for the couple to pick us up…Saw the sofa behind me? That was our latest furniture purchase for our study/craftroom. The sofa actually opens up to a comfortable sized-bed that sleeps two. And I finally put up all the cross-stitch works I had done previously.

blog 004Dinner was at Outback Jacks – a steak restaurant which had a 1kg steak challenge where if you could finish the 1kg steak in 30 minutes, you only pay $20 for it and get a commemorativet-shirt. No, we didn’t take up the challenge.

blog 010blog 011blog 015

After dinner, we went to San Churro, a fairly new “chocolateria” which has been gaining popularity lately. We had some churros in dark chocolate dip and specialty chocolate drinks. All in all, we had a great night!

blog 017blog 019

daily outfit: 22.06.09

Ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed? That was how I felt this morning. It was so cold outside and I was all snuggled up under my warm quilt. And it didn’t help at all that CS was starting work later than usual and so he was still in bed!

To get myself motivated for work, I decided to put together a new outfit so that at least I feel good. Here’s what I wore:

Dress: from secondhand shop – $8

Belt: from Singapore – $12

Tights: from Target – $5.99

Boots: from Betts kids – $29.99

Red knee-length wool coat (not pictured here): from secondhand shop – $8

daily outfit 003

it’s thursday…

  • and I am floored by the responses to my latest blog project (see previous post). We are getting almost 200 hits on our less-than-4-days-old blog, not too bad huh;
  • and I’m thinking “this day next week, the house will be fitted with security screens and blinds for all the windows…nice!”;
  • and I’m looking forward to dinner because we had chicken with black beans soup cooking in the slow cooker since this morning;
  • and I had signed up for Grace Retreat for ourselves;
  • and I almost bought a nice peasant top during lunchtime but stopped myself ‘cos we still haven’t bought an additional chest of drawers for our clothes (yes, the walk-in robe is busted with clothes already);
  • and this is what I wore to work today – a  woollen Adidas dress bought at a steal:img_1395
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