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An apple a day keeps the doctor away? This better be true if you are living in…

Can you imagine living in a country where if you are admitted to the hospital, the first thing they do is call your medical insurance company to see if they would cover whatever expenses you will incur?

Or losing your baby girl because the nearest hospital you drove her to wouldn’t treat her because they were told by your medical insurance company that since they are not part of their network of hospitals, the hospital will not be paid any medical costs at all. Consequently, your baby girl died when she was finally treated in the ‘approved’ hospital under the medical insurance scheme.

Or having to pay USD200 for an inhaler when it’s being sold for USD0.05 (yes, you read it right) in Cuba?

Or being denied medical treatment recommended by your doctor because your insurance company won’t pay for it on the premise that it is ‘experimental’ or ‘unnecessary’?

Or being bundled up in a cab (still in your hospital gown) and dropped off at a homeless shelter because you couldn’t afford the hospital bills? As if you were just some piece of garbage to be disposed of?

Or becoming bankrupt in your 50s from huge medical bills (even though you are insured) because your husband have had heart attacks and you were diagnosed with cancer? And so you ended up having to sell your house to pay the bills and move in with your grown-up children in their home…

Fact or fiction? Unfortunately, the above are all real-life stories hailing from the Land of the Free – The United States of America where believe it or not, universal healthcare is a myth.

Last night, we were left astounded after watching Michael Moore‘s ‘Sicko‘. And I finally understood why my colleague Mish the gentle giant from America is determined to never return to her home country until universal healthcare plan is established for every American. So grateful that we are covered under some form of universal healthcare scheme where we are now and where we came from.

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