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personal project\two people twelve times\September 2011


This is our favourite spot in the house because so many good times have been shared with family and friends over the dining table. Truth be told, I used to bemoan about how we don’t have a separate dining and living area. Yet, almost every first-time visitor to our house often exclaimed how it exudes a ‘cosy and intimate’ feel. And I’ve learned in the grander scheme of things, contentment, is indeed, a great gain.

bits + pieces

Photo One: After months of slumbering, the plum tree outside the house is flowering again

Photo Two: Loving the smell of newly changed bedsheets

Photo Three: Preparing for dinner

Photo Four: The series of ‘keep calm’ fridge magnets were new additions and one of them was too raunchy to put it on, so that went to CS’ toolbox in the garage!

Photo Five: My stash of ‘to-read’ books

Photo Six: On the wall of the guest room cum craft room

Photo Seven: The top shelf of the fridge where the cheeses and strawberries are just crying out ‘eat me, eat me’!

Photo Eight: In my bag – one of my current reads (‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ by Haruki Murakami), ticket stubs to ‘Wicked’ performance, diary and wallet

Photo Nine: Monday dinner – stir-fry mustard greens and steamed fish fillets

Photo Ten: Another sign of spring in the backyard

my sweet spot – crafting away!

It had been awhile since I crafted so I decided to get my creative juices flowing and crafted away! The first project was easy – it was a mini album based on what I started on this blog since January- Personal project\two people twelve times\2011. All I did was to print out the photos from January to May so far and started scrapping.

Inside the album: The journal entry was lifted from the blog but edited slightly due to limited space. I like the fact that when the year comes to a close I will have something to remember us by for 2011 and since I’d started it on this blog, it really isn’t any hard work putting it together.

The other project which I am looking forward to doing is an album about our little nest. What I had done so far was to paint the chipboard album in burnt orange (‘cos that is the colour of our house’s facade) and completed the cover page. Now I just need to take photos of different spots around the house and journal about it!

I also popped into the bead shop the other day during my lunchtime and bought some of these gorgeous handcraft local wood and glass beads. I want to make a necklace out of these wooden beads interspersed with the white glass beads for an organic yet modern look..but somehow I haven’t been able to come up with a design that I really like, so I decided to walk away from the project and wait till inspiration struck again.

But what I did end up making with one of the wooden beads was to make a ring out of it from this pair of earrings Jaimee bought me for my birthday last year. I love the earrings but sadly I haven’t been able to wear it because the studs kept falling out, so they had been left aside waiting to be re-purposed again. I am glad I finally found a way to wear it again because I really like the whimsical feel!

hAppy HoLidays

tis the season…

invite’s out!

Come Saturday, we will be celebrating CS’ 40th at home! And you can be a part of it by leaving a comment with your birthday wishes and I will collate them in a special album for him before the day. Closing date for comments: this Fri 1700hr.

Weekend DIY project

This weekend, with the help of friends from church, we finally finished the last stage of our backyard renovation work – installing the artificial lawn. It was all hands on deck for everyone who pitched in whatever they could. And the end result was amazing! The backyard now looks so appealing with all the greenery. Now that spring is here, we will probably be spending more time al fresco!

First, 10cm of the existing sand had to be dug up so that compacting sand can be laid over.

Then the artificial lawn is trimmed and nailed into place.

Next, the  lawn had to be brushed so that they can ‘stand up’.

Viola! One side of the lawn. (Check out my first veggie pot with parsley and coriander!)

Front view of backyard with more potted plants courtesy of mum-in-law’s gardening effort. So far, we had herbs growing like spring onions, chives, garlic, mint, and rosemary plus some succulents and flowers.

wintry bliss is…

having somewhere to snuggle up in…

(Pictured here is JR our neighbour’s cat who’s been spending a lot of time in the house lately that he’s even got his own favourite spot on the couch.)

God of the little prayers…

We scored 2 good buys today. A mirror at IKEA which I had been eying for since last year was going for $39, down from its original price of $219! The amazing thing was we had finally decided to buy it last Saturday but it couldn’t fit into the Hyundai Getz we drove down in. So imagine our surprise when we saw the mirror advertised on sale in the papers late this morning! I remember saying a little prayer in my heart while on our way to IKEA cos it was almost 2pm when we got there: God, please save me a mirror… And He did!

After our IKEA trip, we arrived at an auction just in time to see if we could bid successfully for something we had been looking out for. Again, I muttered a short prayer: God, this is our budget and I hope we can buy that within the budget. Care to guess what it is?

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