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God of the little prayers…

We scored 2 good buys today. A mirror at IKEA which I had been eying for since last year was going for $39, down from its original price of $219! The amazing thing was we had finally decided to buy it last Saturday but it couldn’t fit into the Hyundai Getz we drove down in. So imagine our surprise when we saw the mirror advertised on sale in the papers late this morning! I remember saying a little prayer in my heart while on our way to IKEA cos it was almost 2pm when we got there: God, please save me a mirror… And He did!

After our IKEA trip, we arrived at an auction just in time to see if we could bid successfully for something we had been looking out for. Again, I muttered a short prayer: God, this is our budget and I hope we can buy that within the budget. Care to guess what it is?


long weekend: photos + words

Last Saturday, we squeezed in a trip to IKEA to have breakfast and buy stuff. Our haul for the day: candles, napkins, floor lamp, picture ledges, 3 coffee tables (which CS is going to modify it into a shoe rack for the hallway).
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Then in the afternoon we went to Serpentine Falls National Park to see the water falls and the wild kangaroos. It’s been a long time since we got up close and personal with the kangaroos, so it was fun to re-acquaint ourselves with these furry things again. I must admit they frighten me a little initially when I saw them approaching but they turned out harmless. It was also fun mucking around with Terry in the great outdoors!

IMG_9602blog 031IMG_9629

On Sunday, we went whale-watching. I think the whole experience was a lesson in patience because most of the time was spent waiting for the whales to surface; and the law actually prohibits us from coming within 100 metres of them. But our patience was rewarded when we caught glimpses of the magnificent mammal bobbing in and out of water every now and then.

In the night, we had an Australian/Kiwi couple from church over for drinks. This was the first time we’d invited people from this church we started attending since June. And it was an intentional effort because we finally felt this was where we could settle down in; thus we started looking out for people we could possibly connect with.

Jay and Aida was one of those. We had a meaningful night getting to know each other and our respective life stories. It’s always good when you are able to know someone beneath their usual Sunday appearance, probe a little deeper and suddenly that person is not just a face but a unique individual with his own story to tell…The drinks went on for 3 hours but it didn’t feel that long. CS and I went to bed exhausted but satisfied that we finally took the first step in building relationships with people from church…

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On Monday, we went to Ivan/Bel’s for brunch. As usual, the good food was always accompanied by an even better company. It was a lazy day spent indoor watching movies which was the perfect winding down to the long weekend…

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weekend plans

All thanks to the Queen of England, we will be having a long weekend. And this is what it looks like:


  • It’s a toss-up between going IKEA to check out their 2010 collection (mental note to self: get candles and napkins) or this: Driving to here for some nature time. According to my colleague, kangaroos are aplenty after 5pm!
  • Or maybe we should do both?? Either way, it’s going to be spent with my favourite 16/17 (?) year old cousin Terry. I love this young man and look forward to spending some quality time with him. The best part? He doesn’t mind hanging out with ‘old foggies’ like us!
  • Night: ??


  • Morning: Attend church.
  • Afternoon: Go on 2-hour boat cruise to do whale-watching with Terry (his belated birthday present). Hope we can see them in action!
  • Night: Have couple-friend over for drinks.


  • Late morning: Brunch with friends.
  • Afternoon: tentative – zoo outing with Mish and a Swiss girl she’s met on the bus…
  • Evening: Babysitting for another couple-friend who are celebrating their anniversary.

creative frenzy

I’ve been going on a creativity spree lately, making all sorts of handmade stuff. It’s good that Christmas is around the corner so they make nice presents too! Here are some things I’ve made:

frame56798601I made this Christmas tree from a twig picked up on my way home from work one day. It’s now gone to the lovely home of Bel/Ivan as their Christmas table arrangement.

frame2774627Personalized note pads for colleagues at work.

frame3940832Bracelets made of buttons which I bought in jars from the secondhand shop. I’ve already had requests from friends to have one as Christmas gift.

frame9201076A set of handmade ‘L.O.V.E’ candles holders (from IKEA). This is part of the series that consists of ‘J.O.Y’ and ‘H.O.P.E’.

frame846068Finally, this is something I’ve made for myself – a fabric-covered album to document our daily lives in December. It will be filled with photos, handwritten notes, random stuff etc.

frame77762221Inside of the album: a page for everyday in December. I can’t wait for us to start filling the album together!

week in our life: weekend (07 to 09.11.08) + photos

We wrote:

FRIDAY: You know the weekend is off to a good start when E finally passed the final phase of her driving test – a computer simulated ‘Hazard Perception Test’. This means she had obtained a full license and is now able to drive unsupervised. Watch out, drivers!


SATURDAY: This is a ‘domestic duty’ day. We went down to IKEA and bought a new wok and some Christmas stuff. We also had our usual meatballs for lunch. Our conclusion? The meatballs sold here are better than those in Singapore as they were more tender and juicier!

– In the evening, we took turns to experiment with new recipes. CS cooked some fresh mussels in some ready-made chilli mussels sauce. E was inspired to bake some savoury muffins and so made some Italian salami-zucchini muffins. The verdict? The chilli mussels dish was a washout; the sauce was a disappointment. And we ended up getting Italian takeaway for dinner. The savoury muffins turned out well though for a first attempt!


SUNDAY: Today is ‘fun day’ as we went sailing. This is an annual ‘Go Sailing’ event where different yacht clubs in Perth offer free sailing classes to encourage participation in the sport. So we took the opportunity to go sailing and even had our turns in steering and doing various activities on-board three different sailboats!



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