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personal project\two people twelve times\December 2011

December 2011

This is our last couple photo for 2011. It’s a cliche to say time flies but I suppose it does when you don’t pay attention to it. Looking back, I could vividly remember those moments where we argued; we made peace. We disagreed; we compromised. Despite it all, we

Photo credit to Jonathan Wong @A Better Definition


personal project\two people twelve times\November 2011


This month we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and also CS’ birthday. I love it that we are still having as much fun as we are as a married couple than we were as a dating couple. In fact, we probably enjoy each other’s company now more than ever! [Photo taken outside our house on the driveway.]

bits + pieces

personal project\two people twelve times\September 2011


This is our favourite spot in the house because so many good times have been shared with family and friends over the dining table. Truth be told, I used to bemoan about how we don’t have a separate dining and living area. Yet, almost every first-time visitor to our house often exclaimed how it exudes a ‘cosy and intimate’ feel. And I’ve learned in the grander scheme of things, contentment, is indeed, a great gain.

it’s the small stuff…

like having hand-cut heart-shaped strawberries in my breakfast on Saturday…xoxo…

w is for weekend

The weekend’s highlight was a picnic we had at Kings Park on Saturday. The weather was glorious which explained the number of picnickers. Still, there were enough space for everyone to find their own little spot, settle down and enjoy the sun.

bits + pieces

Photo One: After months of slumbering, the plum tree outside the house is flowering again

Photo Two: Loving the smell of newly changed bedsheets

Photo Three: Preparing for dinner

Photo Four: The series of ‘keep calm’ fridge magnets were new additions and one of them was too raunchy to put it on, so that went to CS’ toolbox in the garage!

Photo Five: My stash of ‘to-read’ books

Photo Six: On the wall of the guest room cum craft room

Photo Seven: The top shelf of the fridge where the cheeses and strawberries are just crying out ‘eat me, eat me’!

Photo Eight: In my bag – one of my current reads (‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ by Haruki Murakami), ticket stubs to ‘Wicked’ performance, diary and wallet

Photo Nine: Monday dinner – stir-fry mustard greens and steamed fish fillets

Photo Ten: Another sign of spring in the backyard

personal project\two people twelve times\August 2011

[Photo taken at Scarborough Beach]


This is us taking a walk after breakfast at a cafe last weekend. The weather was glorious. We talked – interesting conversation about our faith. We laughed – grateful that we lived in an awesome city. We sat in silence – listening to the sound of the seas. We were just two. contented. people. And it hit me that this was probably us feeling the most relaxed in months.

personal project\two people twelve times\July 2011


The highlight of this month had to be the KitchenAid surprise. Never in my wildest dream would I imagine that CS would surprise me with this gift. Not because he isn’t good at throwing surprises; in fact, he is way better than me in this! But because he is usually the practical and cautious sort so I’d have thought he would want to make sure that was what I really wanted before buying it.

Plus, there was no occasion or reason for me to expect a present. And when I learned about the effort he’d put in to get the KitchenAid for me as a surprise, my heart melted. The best surprise has got to be just because…

Christmas in July..

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[Photos credit to Rach Choo]

This is a good story.

It is a story about how a man surprised his wife with a present she’s been pining for since a year ago. And since it was winter in the southern hemisphere, he decided to play Santa. In the meantime, the clueless wife went on dreaming about her KitchenAid…

July 12 (Tuesday)- So we had pizza dinner at home with Hann, Rach and Evan who were visiting us from Singapore. Seeing it was approaching 7.30pm when Masterchef Australia was supposed to come on TV, I went for a quick shower and then headed straight for the telly in the living room. Indeed, I saw Masterchef on TV but also CS turning on the stereo with music blasting at the same time. I scowled and murmured – ‘what’s going on? How can I watch Masterchef with the music on?’ CS started dancing towards me and I realized it was Michael Buble’s Christmas album playing in the background. I saw the smiling faces of the rest and the present on the dining table. Deja vu feeling sank in – that looked like the present I gave CS last Christmas and wrapped with the same Christmas paper! It was as if time had stopped and it took me awhile to realize that the present on the table was for me. Never mind it wasn’t Christmas yet. It sure felt like it with Michael Buble singing “Let it Snow” in the background. I was Surprised. I was Overwhelmed. I was Overjoyed.

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