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speaking from Mars…

I read an email CS wrote to a young adult back home recently. In it, he shared his thoughts about relationship. And I found it really insightful especially coming from a guy’s perspective. With his permission, here’s a snippet of what he wrote:

“Relationship is a very tricky matter. But to have a good relationship is even more.. Picture relationship as that of a tree. It needs watering, fertilizing and constant pruning in order for it to grow strong, with its roots extending deep into the ground.And the only thing needed to achieve this is time. Such relationship will be able to weather the storms life is capable of throwing at us every so often.”

How true it is, isn’t it? And so this is exactly what we did tonight. We decided to ‘water and fertilize’ our relationship by spending time with each other over a nice long dinner and just talk, talk, talk…

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