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God of the little prayers…

We scored 2 good buys today. A mirror at IKEA which I had been eying for since last year was going for $39, down from its original price of $219! The amazing thing was we had finally decided to buy it last Saturday but it couldn’t fit into the Hyundai Getz we drove down in. So imagine our surprise when we saw the mirror advertised on sale in the papers late this morning! I remember saying a little prayer in my heart while on our way to IKEA cos it was almost 2pm when we got there: God, please save me a mirror… And He did!

After our IKEA trip, we arrived at an auction just in time to see if we could bid successfully for something we had been looking out for. Again, I muttered a short prayer: God, this is our budget and I hope we can buy that within the budget. Care to guess what it is?

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