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daily photo: self portrait

Today, I wore this outfit to a conference of which I was also a member of the organizing committee. While waiting for CS to pick me up after the conference, I decided to take a self-portrait in the hotel toilet!

White T-shirt: Giordano (Singapore)

Silk-lined woolen vest: Morrison, a well-known Western Australian label whose clothes cost easily hundreds of dollars, bought from the opshop!

Pin-stripes pants: Opshop

Shoes: Online store,

Leather bag (made in India, according to label): Opshop

Who says looking good has to be expensive!


my new ride

As promised, here’s me with my ‘new’ car (Mazda 3, SP23, ’06 model) which we bought at an auction some weeks ago. Remember the freak hailstorm that swept through Perth recently? Well, many cars were written off by the insurance companies¬† when the repair costs were more costly than writing off the cars. As a result, these cars were then auctioned off in a bid by the insurance companies to recoup at least some of their losses.

The car we bought had minimal dents that were hardly visible. And all we had to do was replaced the cracked windscreen and damaged side mirror. For safety reason, CS also decided to buy me a entire set of new tyres. (I know, it’s a pretty romantic gesture, right?!)

Notice what I was holding in my hand? That’s my car key in a massive giraffe key chain (it helps me locate the key easily no matter what bag I am using!) which CS absolutely refuses to be seen with if he is driving the car. So thank God we have a spare key!

What I am wearing:

Black cardigan and white scarf – Valley Girl, a popular local brand

Skirt – Singapore

Woven tights – Sussan, another local brand

Boots – secondhand shop in Tasmania

Vintage leather bag – secondhand shop in Perth

surprise opshop find

Today, I’d have skipped my lunch break (again) if not for my co-worker who insisted that I ‘have to’ take a break with her ‘cos this would have been the third time I’d missed lunchbreak due to work. We went to the opshops since she was looking for a dress for an ‘Austin Power’ theme party that was coming up.

And lo and behold, look what I found! A series of Starbucks expresso shots mugs! The best thing was I actually bought them at half their usual price because the staff at the checkout counter told me they were having a “50% discount” day! So I ended up paying $2 for those 4 mugs. Gotta love surprise bargains like that!

saturday: photo + words

Since I was leaving for Adelaide for a conference tomorrow morning, we decided that today was going to be just us spending time with each other. No running errands, doing housework chores, or meeting people.

We had breakfast at home before heading out – toasted buttered bread with soft boiled egg on a bed of rocket and shaved Parmesan.

Destination of the day was Mt. Lawley which is a strip littered with cafes and quirky shops. I saw this massive mirror and immediately fell in love with it.

Then I saw this huge red-lettered ‘E’ and thought maybe CS can buy it for me as Christmas gift…Until I went up close and realized it was a ‘F’…

Check out this life-sized cutlery – how cool would that look in a kitchen!

And I was ‘spooked’!

I like how this shop displays their cards that are for sale on the wall; and the fact that they were all original design by local artists.

Our last stop of the day was a wallpaper shop and this caught my eye. Basically it is a black-and-white wallpaper of frames and you can stick your own pictures/photos if you like. I thought of having it on the other side of our foyer wall to echo the multiple black photo frames we already have on one side of the foyer. Hmm…

For dinner, I decided to try a new recipe which is a classic French staple – beef bourguignon which is a hearty beef stew and ingredients are pictured below:

I must say it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be; just a lot of patience since it needs to be stewed for 1.5 hours after all ingredients are sauteed. I was really proud of myself for pulling this dish off!

these make me happy!

The uni co-op is having a sale. So there were books literally going for a song – at no more than $5. How good is that! I am not exaggerating when I said my heart was palpitating when I walked in and saw the tables of books on sale. Among my loot were 2 recipe books, 2 travelogues, 1 novel and 2 children book.

I also picked up these two mugs which were like the paperback covers of the popular ‘Penguin Classics’ series of novels. I’ve been eyeing them since they first came out a year ago but couldn’t justify paying $24.95 for a mug (probably ‘cos it is made in UK rather than China?!). And today, the total cost for everything came up to less than what I could have paid for these 2 mugs!

P/S: I spent most of tonight making a cake for a co-worker’s birthday tomorrow. The cake is now sitting in the oven and I’ll be putting the finishing touches tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for pictures of my first cake-baking attempt!

vintage find!


This is my latest buy – a vintage typewriter. What I really like about it is the bright orange colour which gives it a retro feel. I also like the tag on it that reads “Traveller de Luxe”. It brings me back to bygone days where people would lug this little machine in their travel ‘cos it was one common mode of communication. The typewriter is made in the former Soviet state of Yugoslavia, so I also like the fact that it is a reflection of a past geo-political entity. Most of all, I like the sound of each key clicking away as I type on each letter and see how each letter slowly forms a word, and from each word forms a sentence…

I am thinking of typing my next letter using this typewriter so it’s definitely going to be fun! And the other thing I’d like to do is to use it at a party where friends could type their own place card or name tags when they arrive. So you see, this little thing may be a tad pricey but hey, how often do you come across something functional yet whimsical at the same time?! Smiles…

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