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weekend: photos + words


Cairns trip highlights

Cirque du Soleil

weekend updates

We had a rather hectic weekend. On Saturday, we went to our new home for some pre-move in inspection works. Then in the evening, we joined some friends for an outdoor movie screening at University of Western Australia, which in my opinion, is the most beautiful university in Perth. Today, we went to Ivana’s birthday bbq and had a great time as usual with all the good food and wine. And she had three dogs which I had a fun time playing ball with. So here’s our weekend in pictures:

X’mas roadtrip – Denmark & Bridgetown

Christmas-es through the years

As a little Christmas project, I’ve decided to collate all the pictures we’ve taken over the past Christmas-es. The earliest ones were dated Dec 2003 – taken with my 1st digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) which my mom had bought me as a Christmas gift. From then on, we’ve tried to preserve some of those precious memories with it. And of course, inevitably, that camera was ‘upgraded’ to a Canon DSLR in 2006 – a present from CS, after my constant bugging, no less! The only thing that has remained unchanged was the tree which we’ve had since Christmas 2001 – 1 of the few ‘non-negotiables’ items that we shipped over simply for its sentimental value.

I had a trip down memory lane as I downloaded and edited these pictures and it certainly brought smiles to my face as I recalled those times spent with special ones. To those of you (you know who you are!) who have been a ‘constant feature’ in our Christmas parties – thanks for being a part of our cherished moments. You are especially thought of during this season.

Blessed Birthday

CS turned 37 today. We had a picnic dinner by the lake. Not much fanfare but certainly worth remembering as this is his first birthday celebration in Perth. Thanks, aunt, for especially baking the birthday cake.

“Hey, dear, I hope you enjoyed the little celebration I planned. To mark this special day, here are 37 reasons why I love you so…”

  1. You love God, period;
  2. You love my family as your own;
  3. You close one eye to my occasional shopping indulgences;
  4. You laugh at my jokes even though they were lame sometimes;
  5. You tell me ‘I love you’ everyday, without fail;
  6. You made the bed whenever I forgot to;
  7. You know my quirks and accept them;
  8. You hear me out before you speak;
  9. You go shopping with me;
  10. You call me ‘baby’;
  11. You never take me for granted;
  12. You correct me when I did wrong;
  13. You help me see the world through different lens;
  14. Your hugs;
  15. Your mischievous smiles;
  16. Your patience;
  17. Your gentleness;
  18. Your humility – you don’t flaunt your knowledge or wisdom even though they are your strengths;
  19. Your integrity – how you seek to do the right thing even when it is difficult;
  20. Your willingness to tackle ‘challenging’ household chores (eg. cleaning the toilets, kitchen stove etc);
  21. Your frequent random acts of kindness to me;
  22. We are both crazy about food;
  23. We share the same desire to earnestly pursue the things of God even when that means going against the flow;
  24. We never seem to spend enough time together;
  25. We look forward to growing old together – ageing seems less daunting when you are part of it;
  26. We watch out for each other in the ‘weight’ department;
  27. We share common likings in television – CSI, Prison Break, Ed, House, Hero;
  28. We are each other’s greatest cheerleader;
  29. We love cuddles in bed;
  30. We are comfortable with silences between us;
  31. We finish off each other’s sentences;
  32. The way you squeeze my hands – more than words;
  33. The effort you take to make me drinks exactly the way I like them;
  34. The occasional lullaby you sing to me;
  35. The silly acts you do to make me laugh;
  36. The anxious look in your eyes when I hurt myself accidentally; and most of all,
  37. The BELIEF you have in me.

snippets of our lives

These are some pictures we had taken since we’ve been here. Updates:

  • We have been cooking more often than we do in SG – there’s only so much ‘ang mo’ food you can eat after awhile!
  • We have hosted our first dinner at home to welcome 2 aunties from home, especially since they so lovingly lugged 60kgs of our luggages here for us!
  • Did our 1st tour guide duty by bringing our aunties around; hence, the vineyard tour (E hasn’t reverted to her errant drinking ways for all you concerned folks out there – YET. But she is glad to report that somehow her wine allergy seems to have gone since sipping her 1st glass of wine here!)
  • E had passed her driving theory test and had been behind the wheels a couple of times under CS’ patient instructing. No egos had been hurt so far! We hope to post some pictures of E driving soon.
  • Chester-the-hyper is not our dog. He is aunt’s. There is another dog too, Scotty, which both of us are simply crazy about. Pictures soon. We will only get a dog when we have our own house. In the mean time, we are slated to be their dog-sitters during the Christmas period when aunt’s family is away for a holiday.

Farewell @Gone Fishing’s

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